Sep 132014
Multi-Grain Skillet Bread

Of course they make great pancakes, but the best use for this recipe is for a quick alternative to sliced bread for sandwiches and to serve as a hot bread with spicy main dishes. It has a neutral flavor, cooks quickly and tastes good with almost everything from a salad to curried lentils. I’ve used [...]

Sep 082014
Penny Nichols Mysteries

Written by Joan Clark (Mildred Wirt) Setting 1930’s (Great Depression) These are funny, outlandish and over-the-top, as teen detective stories go. Penny is 15, has her own car (I guess they didn’t need driver’s license back then) and a best friend named Susan. Penny’s father is a former police officer, turned private detective. Her mother passed [...]

Sep 072014
Betty Lee

Written by Harriet Pyne Grove Setting 1931 These are very much school stories, centered around Betty’s high school, which is similar in many ways to modern day high schools. There are football games, parties, lunch rooms, and classes. There are some details that relate to the Great Depression, for instance Betty and her family have [...]

Sep 072014
A Dear Little Girl

Written by Amy E. Blanchard, Amy E. Setting 1900’s to 1910’s (Edwardian and Titanic Era) This is a sweet, lovely series, filled with wholesome ideals and genuinely entertaining. The main character, Edna, tries to do the right thing and stumbles along the way, only to right herself and choose the better path. There are no big [...]

Sep 072014
Jamaican Blackeyed Peas

  Like green splitpeas, blackeyed peas have a poor reputation in much of America. This reputation is undeserved. When properly seasoned blackeyed peas are one of the most delicious beans available. They are so good that they take center stage in many famous ethnic specialties such as gumbo and African groundnut soup.  Blackeyed peas on their [...]

Sep 062014
Trying to NOT eat

  This week my mind and appetite are tangled up in a big snarl of “Eat Maggie! Eat!” It’s a struggle to avoid doing so. My body image gets mixed up with my current lack of weight loss. I’m hovering between 185 and 186, and have been for several days. Usually I lose weight right [...]

Sep 042014
Girls, Books & Dolls

Today, and some last night, I added a new page (upper right of the screen). It’s called Girl’s Books. On that page you will find a collection of Girl’s Serial Books. They are all copyright free and available online.  Most of them from late 19th and early 20th Century. A notable exception is the Penny Parker [...]

Sep 042014
Nan Sherwood

  by Annie Roe Carr (Stratemeyer Syndicate) 1. Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp; or The Old Lumberman’s Secret 1916 2. Nan Sherwood at Lakeview Hall; or The Mystery of the Haunted Boathouse 1916 3. Nan Sherwood’s Winter Holidays; or Rescuing the Runaways 1916 4. Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch; or The Old Mexican’s Treasure 1919 [...]