Sep 302014
Best Buys GFCF Convenience Foods

15 Gluten Free Convenience Foods That Are Actually Good Buys There is a  myth in some circles that all gluten free convenience foods are over priced. In some instances this is true, but not all. Some gluten free foods are quite affordable as well as being convenient to use. Products that are labeled gluten free [...]

Sep 302014
Things to do with Corn Tortillas

Things To Do With Corn Tortillas Corn tortillas are cheap, gluten free and widely available. They are made from whole grain cornmeal and are WIC friendly. I think that more people don’t use them because they’re not sure what to do with them. Besides enchiladas and taquitos, there are many ways to make corn tortillas [...]

Sep 302014
Basic Cornmeal Pancakes

This is just a basic cornmeal pancake. It tastes good, goes together quickly and produces reliable results. I’ve used them in place of baked cornbread while camping and the kids always like them. If you prefer a sweeter pancake then add a couple spoonfuls of sugar to the batter while you’re mixing it. I prefer [...]

Sep 192014
Across The Fruited Plane

 Across the Fruited Plain by Florence Crannell Means NOTE: This is a very sweet book that I liked so much, I formatted it myself and added a few appropriate illustrations. If you prefer to read the Gutenberg version CLICK HERE. The story of a middle-class Christian family who became migrant laborers in order to make [...]

Sep 192014
Girls Book Series

I love, love, love 19th and 20th Century novels written especially for girls. I especially love serials that follow the same characters throughout their lives and adventures. I’ve been meaning to create this list for many years, and have finally gotten around to doing so. These books are wholesome, endearing, old-fashioned and quaint. Some of [...]

Sep 192014
Historical Fiction (And Some Nonfiction)

Girls books that may aid in the study of history. They are also lovely and wholesome entertainment. Most are fictional, but after consideration, a few nonfiction titles seemed relevant, so I have included them. General Nonfiction For Girls Ten American Girls From History by Kate Dickinson Sweetser Ten Girls from History by Kate Dickinson Sweetser Historic [...]

Sep 132014
Multi-Grain Skillet Bread

Of course they make great pancakes, but the best use for this recipe is for a quick alternative to sliced bread for sandwiches and to serve as a hot bread with spicy main dishes. It has a neutral flavor, cooks quickly and tastes good with almost everything from a salad to curried lentils. I’ve used [...]

Sep 082014
Penny Nichols Mysteries

Written by Joan Clark (Mildred Wirt) Setting 1930’s (Great Depression) These are funny, outlandish and over-the-top, as teen detective stories go. Penny is 15, has her own car (I guess they didn’t need driver’s license back then) and a best friend named Susan. Penny’s father is a former police officer, turned private detective. Her mother passed [...]

Sep 072014
Betty Lee

Written by Harriet Pyne Grove Setting 1931 These are very much school stories, centered around Betty’s high school, which is similar in many ways to modern day high schools. There are football games, parties, lunch rooms, and classes. There are some details that relate to the Great Depression, for instance Betty and her family have [...]

Sep 072014
A Dear Little Girl

Written by Amy E. Blanchard, Amy E. Setting 1900’s to 1910’s (Edwardian and Titanic Era) This is a sweet, lovely series, filled with wholesome ideals and genuinely entertaining. The main character, Edna, tries to do the right thing and stumbles along the way, only to right herself and choose the better path. There are no big [...]