Aug 252015
Classic Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a long time frugal basic. The thing is though, not too many people make it any more, especially not from scratch. So if you’ve never made it, or haven’t made it in a long time–you’re in for a treat. I use bargain priced chicken breasts that are $2 per pound. The entire […]

Aug 252015
Italian Polenta

Polenta is what happens to cornmeal mush when you put it in a Sunday hat and set it in the front parlor to visit with company. Cornmeal mush may be poor folks food, but when you call it polenta it is transformed. Polenta is gourmet fare—fancy enough for company and upper class enough to please […]

Aug 252015
Country Cottage Sausage & Bean Stew

This is not a soup. It’s denser, thicker, more of a stew. We serve it over rice or mashed potatoes. You could also serve it in a shallow bowl with wedges of cornbread or a simple muffin. You can use any type of white bean to make this soup, or even pinto beans, if that was […]

Aug 252015
Hippy Healthfood Bars

This is one of those old-time hippy-healthfood recipes that has been around since the 1960’s. It’s made from oat flour, honey, vegetable oil, eggs and raisins. All whole foods, all natural foods–so even though it’s junk food, it’s about as wholesome and nourishing as junk food can get. My entire family absolutely LOVES these things. […]

Aug 232015
Another Reader Poll

This is about the low calorie booklet I’m working on too. If you haven’t answered the previous poll, please take a minute to do so. For this poll I want to know if you prefer the recipes to use homemade from scratch baked goods made from budget-friendly brown rice flour, cornstarch (and sometimes rolled oats), or […]

Aug 192015
Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted: How To Fix It – Part 2

  Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted: How To Fix It This is part 2 of a two-part series. Find the first part here: Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted: How To Fix It – Part 1 6. Go outside. Get sunshine on your skin. When Fred and I were first married we couldn’t afford an automatic drier. We had […]

Aug 162015
Creamy White Bean Soup

Before we went gluten and dairy free, this was a favorite soup of my family’s. After we gave up gluten and casein I had trouble making this soup so it would taste the way it used to. Finally I have managed to reproduce the flavor and creaminess that it make it so popular in the […]

Aug 162015
How To Get The Most Nutrition For The Least Cash!

  Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Nutritious Food For The Least Amount Of Money When you have plenty of money, it’s easy to buy lots of nutritious food. I read blogs that extoll the virtues of fresh berries in winter, grass-fed organic sirloin steaks, raw artisan-made goat or sheep cheese, endive, watercress, walnut oil […]

Aug 142015
Quick Progress Report

Just to let everyone know, I am working hard on the second part of “Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted and How to Fix it.” It will not be ready until Monday or Tuesday. I hoped I could finish it quickly, but it requires more thought than I originally intended. I am also working on an article […]

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