Sep 072014


Written by Harriet Pyne Grove

Setting 1931

These are very much school stories, centered around Betty’s high school, which is similar in many ways to modern day high schools. There are football games, parties, lunch rooms, and classes. There are some details that relate to the Great Depression, for instance Betty and her family have to move from their home in the country to an apartment in the big city so that her father can find better work. Certain things are in limited supply, for instance they are not able to shop for new clothes as often as they were in the past. Coats must be made to make do for another year because there is no money for a new one. One of the parties involves a taffy pull, which I expect seldom happens at high school parties today. However it’s far more modern in tone than most of the books in the public domain. Still wholesome and enjoyable. Definitely not Edwardian in nature. More realism, less idealism.

1.  Betty Lee, Freshman  1931

2.  Betty Lee, Sophomore  1931

3.  Betty Lee, Junior  1931

4.  Betty Lee, Senior  1931

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