Sep 042014

Ruth Fielding

Written by Alice B. Emerson (Stratemeyer Syndicate)

Setting: 1913-1922 (Titanic Era through World War 1 to the Roaring Twenties)

1. Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill; or Jasper Parloe’s Secret 1913

2. Ruth Fielding of Briarwood Hall; or Solving the Campus Mystery 1913

3. Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp; or Lost in the Backwoods 1913

4. Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point; or Nita, the Girl Castaway 1913

5. Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch; or Schoolgirls among the Cowboys 1913

6. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island; or The Old Hunter’s Treasure Box 1915

7. Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm; or What Became of the Baby Orphans 1915

8. Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies; or The Missing Pearl Necklace 1915

9. Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures; or Helping the Dormitory Fund 1916

10. Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie; or Great Days in the Land of Cotton 1916

11. Ruth Fielding at College; or The Missing Examination Papers 1917

12. Ruth Fielding in the Saddle; or College Girls in the Land of Gold 1917

13. Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross; or Doing Her Bit for Uncle Sam 1918

14. Ruth Fielding at the War Front; or The Hunt for a Lost Soldier 1918

15. Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound; or a Red Cross Worker’s Ocean Perils 1919

16. Ruth Fielding Down East; or The Hermit of Beach Plum Point 1920

17. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest; or The Indian Girl Star of the Movies 1921

18. Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence; or The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands 1922

These books are still under copyright

19. Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting; or A Moving Picture That Became Real 1923

20. Ruth Fielding in the Far North; or The Lost Motion Picture Company 1924

21. Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass; or the Perils of an Artificial Avalanche 1925

22. Ruth Fielding in Alaska; or The Miners of Snow Mountain 1926

23. Ruth Fielding and Her Great Scenario; or Striving for the Moving Picture Prize 1927

24. Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall; or A Mysterious Disappearance 1928

25. Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name; or The Rivals of Hollywood 1929

26. Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures; or The Prisoners of the Tower 1930

27. Ruth Fielding and Baby June 1931 28. *Ruth Fielding and Her Double 1932

29. Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph; or Saving Her Company from Disaster 1933

30. Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory; or Winning Honors Abroad 1934

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