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Unfired Food

These are books from the early days of Raw Food. At the time all cooking was done with fire, either from a wood cookstove or later, a gas cookstove. If you ate your food raw, then it had not been cooked over the fire in your stove, thus it was unfired. I love that term.

The Raw Food movement is not a new fad. It has been with us since before Hippocrates (460 BC – ca. 370 BC). Some folks say it goes as far back as Eden. What did Adam and Eve eat? Did they use fire in Eden to cook their food? It’s an interesting question.

Raw foods saw a great resurgence in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Then, as now, it was often used as a tool for healing sickness and disease. These books are a fun look at the history of the modern raw food movement.

The Advantages of Raw Food by Julian P. Thomas, 1905

Unfired Foods and Hygienic Dietetics for Prophylactic (preventative) Feeding and Therapeutic (remedial) Feeding by G.J. Drews, 1909

Unfired Food and Thropho-therapy (food Cure) by G.J. Drews, 1912 

The Black Art of Cooking by Carl Loeb, 1921

Return to nature! : the true natural method of healing and living and the true salvation of the soul – paradise regained : the care of the body – water, human curative power, light, air, earth, food, fruit culture by Adolph Just and Benedict Lust, 1903

Practical naturopathic-vegetarian cook book: cooked and uncooked foods by Louise Lust, 1907

Mazdaznan encyclopedia of dietetics and home cook book: cooked and uncooked foods, what to eat and how to eat it by Mazdaznan associates of God, 1909

Youth obtaind and retaind by George Star White, 1921

Uncooked Foods & how to Use Them: A Treatise on how to Get the Highest Form of Animal Energy from Food, with Recipes for Preparation, Healthful Combinations and Menus by Eugene Christian and Mollie Griswold Christian, 1904

Suncooked food; a treatise on how to get the highest form of human energy from food by Eugene Christian 1909

Two Hundred and Fifty Meatless Menus and Recipes to Meet the Requirement of People Under the Varying Conditions of Age, Climate, and Work by Eugene Christian and Mollie Griswold Christian, 1910

How to Live 100 Years: What to Eat According to Your Age, Your Occupation, and the Time of the Year by Eugene Christian, 1914

Eat and be Well, Eat and Get Well by Eugene Christian, 1916

Encyclopedia of diet; a treatise on the food question, in 5 volumes, by Eugene Christian, 1917

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Meatless and Wheatless Menus by Eugene Christian, 1917. This was published during WW1 in response to wheat and meat rationing.

If you know of any others, please share a link in the comment section. 🙂


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  1. You, madam, are a formidable reader.

    • Aww, Kelly, that is, like, the best compliment ever. I must admit that I haven’t read every single word in every single book that I share. I haven’t read all of Eugene Christian’s Enclycopedia of Diet yet, still working on the first volume. Most of the others in this section I’ve read, and I must admit, it has certainly changed my opinions on natural foods, raw foods and the profound affect our diet has on our health and longevity. One day I may go raw for a while, just to see what happens.

  2. Tree of Life – Isaac Jennings 1847

    Cooking – John Henry Tilden 1921

    (2 books i have here)
    also a Byron Thomas Book from 1680s that helped Ben Franklin go Pythagorean

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