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Springfield Doll Rainbow

Springfield Dolls In Homemade Headcoverings

Welcome to my Dollery. I’m a long time doll collector, so if I’m going to have a website, I might as well have a place to gab about them. I collect a varied assortment of dolls and will share more about them over time.

Most of my Doll posts are included on this page, but sometimes I make mistakes. So if you want to see All of My Doll Posts click here.

Free Doll Clothes Patterns

Maggie Made 18-Inch Doll Clothes Patterns

Patterns I’ve made myself for Springfield Dolls. They also fit American Girl Dolls.

Dollhouse & Miniatures

This is an ongoing series and will be updated as I create more of it to share. It’s mostly made from cardboard and duct tape.

Springfield Dolls For Craft & Play

Official Springfield Doll Fashions

Lost Profiles

Hardy Girl’s Springfield Doll YouTube Videos

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