Sep 292012
TAG! Your’re It!

I got tagged by Dollygirl. I can’t follow all of the requirements of the tagging, but I can answer the questions.

11 things about me!!!

1. I have 3 sisters
2. I have 2 brothers
3. My Granny is 92 and still one of my best friends!
4. Learning to use a sewing machine was terribly intimidating to me so I didn’t learn to use one until I was 17. This may seem young, but in my family 10 and 12 year old girls routinely make their own dresses, blouses with buttonholes and even tailored wool suits. I was very late to take to the sewing machine, but once I got past my fear I fell in love with it and have been happily sewing ever since.
5. My top 5 favorite things to do are write, read, craft, cook and swim.
6. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19, when my husband taught me how to drive. Using the car pedals was similar to using the sewing machine pedal. I figured if I could “drive” my sewing machine that driving a car couldn’t be too different. Turned out I was right.
7. I’ve been making doll clothes for over 35 years.
8. Besides Springfield dolls, I also collect A Life of Faith Dolls. They are my favorite dolls of all time.
9. My favorite fruit is grapefruit, my next favorite are red raspberries and sour cherries.
10. My favorite historical era is Edwardian or the Titanic era.
11. In my opinion, homemade is always best!

And now for my answers to Dollygirl’s Questions.

1. Pink or purple?  Gotta have both!
2. Doll or stuffed animal?  One again, gotta have both!
3. What is your favorite AG doll ever made?   I change my mind about this one a lot. Right now, Molly or Kit, both live through hard times and make the best of things. My favorite, favorite is Elsie Dinsmore from “A Life of Faith” collection, which is now, sadly defunct. Elsie is a great doll and I have all 27 of her original books by Martha Finley in paperback form. They’re also available online for free.
4. What color is your hair? Medium Brown with Red (and a few gray) highlights.
5. Dogs or cats? LOL, Once again, gotta have both.
6. Whats your favorite season? Easy, Spring & Fall. I like the transitional seasons because I like the excitement of change.
7. Queens or princesses?  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie–Princesses, they have more fun and fewer chores.
8. Favorite band/singer?  My uncle Jimmie Landry
9. Computer or TV?  Computer, but even better, a good book.
10. Reading or doing crafts?  Both, how can I choose between my two favorite activities?
11. Whats your favorite food?  Deep fried tofu nuggets with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, also asparagus in hollandaise sauce. Mmm!

Elsie Dinsmore Doll & Violet Travila Doll
Both are wearing dresses that I made myself.

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  1. Oh, I remember giving my niece a Life of Faith Doll last Christmas. Before that, I noticed that she had a collection of it in her room, so I thought she would really be delighted if I give her a Life of Faith doll for Christmas. Well, indeed, it made her really happy. She told me that it was her favorite doll! 😀

    Chris Jeffery

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