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McCall’s 2970 Free PDF Pattern Download

McCalls Pattern 2970 Dawn Dolls

Dawn dolls are one of my favorites. At 6.5 inches tall they are just the right size to be Doll House friendly. A whole bunch of them can fit in a shoe box. They are travel-friendly, great for long car trips and RV camping. I took them RV camping with paternal grandmother when I was a girl. They are so tiny that it only takes a few scraps to make them an elaborate wardrobe. The pattern shared above is the only commercial pattern I know of, specifically for Dawn.

My collection includes original Topper Dawn Dolls and a bunch of other, more modern versions, from Britney Spears to Aaron Carter to Disney Princesses to Starr dolls by JPI. They are one of my favorite dolls to sew for. I don’t have any Rock Flower dolls, which was Mattel’s version of the small fashion doll back in the early 1970’s. One day I’ll find them at a price I’m willing to pay. Until then I enjoy the ones I do have.

More free Dawn doll patterns can be found at That 70′s Doll, a site devoted to Topper Dawn Dolls. She has 5 sheets of free patterns that are adapted from Topper Dawn doll fashions. There aren’t many instructions, so it helps to have a little bit of experience before diving in.

If you are interested in learning more about 6-inch fashion dolls check out Who’s That Doll, a website that has info about dozens of different small fashion dolls and their fashions. I can get lost there for days.

In 2009 I found this shirt pattern for Topper Gary, Topper Dawn’s boyfriend. It’s traced from an actual Gary shirt and fits him pretty well. If you know who uploaded this shirt pattern originally, please let me know.

Also remember that Barbie patterns can be reduced to about 53% or 55% and will then fit Dawn dolls, with 1/8-inch seam allowance.

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  1. Thank you for these patterns!! I wanted to know if you have any idea who still manufactures shoes that fit Dawn and her Friends? I see on eBay people offering new shoes that fit fairly often, but when I do searches on the web, I find nothing but a few doll shoppe sites, amazon, etsy and eBay. None of which I have them or that I’d buy from due to prices.



    • I am not aware of anyone currently manufacturing new Dawn shoes. Shoes are so small that they are the first things for little kids to lose. Checkerboard made new shoes when they made new Dawn dolls in the early 2000’s. Starr model dolls made by JPI in the 90’s have shoes that sort of fit Dawn. There just aren’t enough shoes to go around and no one is making more so supply and demand equals high prices. I do know that some Mattel Tommy shoes fit Gary and there are some artisans who make beautiful handmade Dawn shoes for a price. Mostly my dolls go barefoot. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  2. Some Polly Pocket shoes will fit.

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