Sep 252012

Tuesday is the day we share our favorite YouTube Videos. This week we share a Sleepover Video from Springfield mega-fan HardyGirl66 aka Sharry. Sharry’s doll Julie is from the 1970’s so this video includes elements that were ubiquitous to sleepovers back then. Some things are similar to the ways you do things today and some things are very different!

If you’re planning a sleepover for your friends and their dolls anytime soon take a look at the official Springfield Style Club. They have some cool activities you can print out and share with your friends and their dolls at your own party. Try the Back to School Matching Game and Funny Fashion Doll Dress-Up or Zoo Trip Mad Libs with your friends. You’re sure to have a blast!

  6 Responses to “You Tube Tuesday: Back to School Sleep Over”

  1. Oh my goodness i had no idea you were back!!! I loved your blog so much, I couldn’t follow it because I didn’t have an account, but I do now! DON”T STOP BLOGGING!

    • Thanks so much Delaney. I don’t plan on stopping this time. I just had so much grief and people react to extreme grief in less than logical ways. It’s highly unlikely that anything like that will ever happen to me again.

      I’m really happy to be back though, and plan on some new goodies very soon! Thanks again for the warm welcome 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting my video, Maggie. but wow, that was last year. I had NO props for my girls, and Julie really didn’t have a room then, just a doll box and pics on the wall. I’m glad she has a better set-up now. I like my ohter sleepover video better, although I do miss Tracie.

    • I like this one so much because of it’s simplicity. This is one of the videos that made me feel like I could make videos. It’s charming and accessible to people of all skill levels. Sorry it’s not your favorite. Give me a link to your other sleepover video and I’ll embed it on this post with the one I like so much.

  3. Not that it isn’t my fave, but it does show me how far I’ve come in the last year w/ my dolls. LOL! We can save the other one for a future YouTube Tuesday. And if I can make a video (me, who HATES technology, cell phones, PCs, and digital stuff), anyone can! LOL!

    • You do amazing things with your videos Sharry. They spoke to me on a heart level when I first saw them, and they still speak to me. You play dolls in the videos the way I play dolls in my mind. I just haven’t figured out how to go from my brain to the camera yet. I plan to just keep watching yours and eventually I’ll get there!

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