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About a decade ago, before we gave up gluten and casein, I wrote a small PDF booklet called Making The Best Of It! I shared it on my old website and got lots of good feedback. Some people told me it should be mandatory reading for anyone on a budget who was dealing with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. One lady said it should be included with every EBT card. It explains how I changed my family’s diet from the Standard American Diet to one that was as healthy as I could make it, all while on a shoestring budget.

I updated it, earlier this year, and present it here, for free.


Free PDF e-Book

It describes the steps I took to reduce the sugar, fat, cholesterol and sodium in our diet, while increasing fiber, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. There are lots of tips for saving cash while still meeting your health goals.

Now, of course, we don’t eat dairy or wheat, so the booklet doesn’t reflect our current way of eating. It does reflect the way we ate right before we gave up gluten and dairy. If you still eat gluten and dairy, then you will find it especially useful. Not all of the choices I made will be best for you or your circumstances. My hope is that you can use my ideas as a springboard to create your own. If we were not gluten free and dairy free, this is how I would eat instead.

If you’re on a budget and trying to lose weight, control a chronic condition such as high cholesterol or diabetes, or just trying to eat as nutritiously as possible, you may find this booklet helpful.

  4 Responses to “Making The Best Of It! Free Frugal e-Book”

  1. Wonderful, thanks!

  2. Duly shared and credited!

  3. Thanks Mel. Usually I don’t worry so much about crediting but when I first published this (years ago) a lot of people shared it without crediting me and it wounded my pride. It seems silly now, because it’ s not me, it’s God. But the bible says the labourer is worthy of his reward. I don’t get reward for this excepting credit for my work, so I reckon it’s okay to be a little persnickety about it. 😀

    BTW, I got your letter and am working on a reply. Real mail just makes me so happy!!!

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