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15-Challenges of Successful Christian Weight Loss  I used this list for the church diet class I used to lead that was based on the exchange diet below. It works really well in a group setting where members help to encourage one another and hold one another accountable in Christian sisterhood. I've never done it in a message board setting, but it would probably work there too. If you do use it, please share your results with others.

Introduction to Exchange Plan  For those not familiar with the exchange plan, this is the place to start. The exchange plan is a good way to lose weight while maintaining optimum nutrition.           

Dietary Exchanges  These are the actual dietary exchanges used in the plan.

Food Plans based on Exchange Plan  A variety of food plans, including high carbohydrate, moderate carbohydrate and controlled carbohydrate at the following calorie levels: 1000,  1200, 1400, 1500 & 1800.     

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Free PDF files to print and download.

Making the Best of It! Moving from a Fat-Filled, Sugar-Laden Stupor to a Leaner, Healty Lifestyle. Also in Mobi format.

Exchange Plan Diet  including Introduction, Dietary Exchanges & Food Plans.

15 Challenges of Successful Christian Weight Loss

Controlled Calorie Menu Planners for Exchange Plan Diet  These are designed to fit in a day planner. Print out the page on standard 8.5 by 11-inch paper. Fold it in half along the center line. Punch holes on the left side, the fold will be on the right hand side. Fit into your planner. Print as many as needed. For privacy the calorie level is printed in small letters at the bottom of each page. I did have it printed in large letters at the top of the page, but members of my weight-loss groups preferred the privacy of having it in small numbers at the bottom of the page. These also appear on the Food Plan page.

1000 Calorie Bonus Plan

1300 Calorie Bonus Plan


1200 Calorie Balanced Diet Plan

1400 Calorie Balanced Diet Plan

1500 Calorie Balanced Diet Plan

1800 Calorie Balanced Diet Plan


1200 Calorie Balanced Vegetarian Plan (high carbohydrate)

1400 Calorie Balanced Vegetarian Plan (high carbohydrate)

1500 Calorie Balanced Vegetarian Plan (high carbohydrate)

1800 Calorie Balanced Vegetarian Plan (high carbohydrate)


1200 Calorie High Protein Plan

1400 Calorie High Protein Plan

1500 Calorie High Protein Plan

1800 Calorie High Protein Plan


OR try this easy to customize Daily Log, prints on 8.5 by 11-inch paper

OR this Weekly Menu Planner, prints on Legal Size Paper (8.5 by 14-inch)

Most of the recipes in the Cost-Cutter section of this website are compatible with exchange based weight loss. The exchanges are included in the nutrition data at the bottom of the recipes. This is a really great resource, and is shared for free with Christian charity & grace (charity means, love in action).

No other websites have my permission to carry this information. If you see it elsewhere, consider contacting the webmaster of that site and pointing them to this page and this message.

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The Christian Counter

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