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Menu: Coconut Curry Beef Stew

Menu: Fiesta Lime Beef Stew

Menu: Jamaican Chicken Stew

Menu: Cuban Chicken Stew

Menu: Brunswick Stew

Menu: Chicken Cacciatore



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  1. Hi Miss Maggie! I think my teenaged daughter might have gastritis, we are going to the Dr tomorrow. To ease my mother’s sence of worry I am researching about GF and DF. Naturally, I remembered that most of your recipes now are both gluten and casien free. But where should I start?

  2. It is a chore, but still worth it I think.

    1) Make a list of all the regular dishes you like that are already GFDF. Meat dishes, rice dishes, fruits and vegetables etc.
    2) Make a list of easy substitutes. Dairy free milk like soy or almond for cow milk. Gluten free all purpose flour for wheat all purpose flour. Corn tortillas for wheat tortillas.
    3) Read all food labels, every time. Some French fries have wheat. Some canned beans have wheat. It’s nuts what has wheat that seems like it shouldn’t. Start by reading the labels in your own pantry and cupboard and freezer or refrigerated. Weed out everything with gluten or dairy. Feed it to other family members or give it away.
    4) Avoid most processed foods. Most have both gluten and dairy. Use your freezer to store extra meals for quick use.
    5) Figure out how to make old favorites GFDF. The internet is awesome for all the gluten free recipes you can find now.
    6) Keep trying. It will be hard. You will make mistakes. Just keep trying. It gets easier. Good luck.

    • Wow! Thank you so much! This will be extremely helpful in the days and weeks ahead. I am so grateful for you taking the time to type all that!

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