Oct 232012

First a quick note to all my loyal fans. My Granny (who is 92) injured her leg just recently and I’m on the Granny-Care rotation which means I will be spending at least 3 days with her this week and probably at least 3 next week, maybe 4. Her leg will be fine but as a loyal granddaughter my obligation is to help in her care and recuperation, which will probably last a couple of weeks before she can get around on her own again. Right now she’s using a walker and sometimes a wheelchair. So anyway, family has to come first and I know y’all will understand when posts are hit and miss for the next couple of weeks. We have complete confidence that she will make a full recovery, but her knee is swollen right now and it’s hard to walk on, which makes it hard to do everything else in life such as washing the dishes, hanging the laundry on the line, taking a bath or shower, cooking, getting from one room to the next, changing the channel on the TV etc. Until she’s able to do for herself, I’ll be on the rotation schedule along with my aunts.

Now onto our main theme. Our good and faithful and extremely talented HardyGirl66 has been working overtime on a brand new Halloween Video, that right, Brand New! She made a super video last year which I shared earlier this month. This month however, she has exceeded our greatest expectations! She has created the piece de resistance! The epic 1970’s Halloween Extravaganza. You can check it out below. Also be sure to visit YouTube and leave her some feedback. Feedback feeds the imagination of our beloved YouTubers. If we want more videos we must feed the ones who create such treasures for our viewing pleasure. So be sure to let Sharry (aka HardyGirl66) know what you think of her 1970’s Halloween Carnival!

  6 Responses to “YouTube Tuesday! Halloween 2012”

  1. I’m watching it now! I LOVED last years!!!

  2. I just finished it! I LOVED it too!!!

  3. Thanks for the build-up Maggie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And thanks to DollyGirl, too!

  4. Prayers for your and your gma Miss Maggie!

  5. I have just finished reading through the back entries, and am thoroughly enjoying your blog. You make me appreciate my own Springfield Girls a bit more – I have Gina, Sarah, and Madison twins (the latter three are still in need of filling and sewing together), bought a long time ago. I think I know what I´m going to do tomorrow… 😉

  6. Arrgh, forgot the most important thing – I hope your granny is a lot better now, and you all had a merry Christmas!

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