Aug 112015

Summer Swimming

Greetings loyal readers and new visitors alike. I’ve had a busy summer, some fun, some grief, some excitement, some relief. I sailed across the ocean, forever and a day, fell off the face of the earth, tamed a dragon or two, feasted with my comrades, buried one beloved companion, sang some silly songs and immersed myself in the action of living. I’m teaching my youngest how to drive. I went on vacation, attended a fun seminar for overeaters. I swam a lot. Didn’t lose any weight. Didn’t gain any weight. Have reconnected with a few beloved family members who have recently moved into the same town I live in, including my favorite uncle and my younger sister.


My favorite cat died and I got sad. When I’m sad I can’t write much, but I’m feeling better now. My cat’s name was Pepper, also Monsieur Pepper Pot, affectionately known as Poe. He passed away at age 15, due to complications from feline immunodeficiency syndrome or FIDS, formerly known as feline aids. He is sorely missed and now buried in the back yard. He wasn’t an especially good cat. He like to bite and claw and he was bossy and entitled. He bullied the other cats, my children and myself. He was forever fighting me about his right to sit on the kitchen table. Every single craft or sewing project I ever attempted, he inserted himself directly and awkwardly into. Most of my photos of my dolls include cameos of my bratty cat. I didn’t care that he was a brat. I loved him anyway. He was terribly affectionate and liked nothing more that being the complete center of my attention, especially if I was distracted by something else. He wasn’t a good cat, but he was my cat, and I loved him dearly. His absence in my life, in my kitchen and in my sewing room, still leaves me a bit hollow in the heart, but it’s getting better–more fond memories than active grief.


Before my hiatus I wrote about Peaches, Cherries, Quality, Quantity, and margarine (because margarine is an ongoing theme in my life). I updated that page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the post to read the update.

This week I intend to catch up on the comments, write some new stuff, breath in the fresh scent of summer and content myself in the many blessings God has bestowed upon me.

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  1. I am so sorry for your lose of Pepper “Poe”. You sound like a lovely pet owner and he was lucky to have found you. Your summer sounds very nice otherwise.

    • Thanks Pat. It’s been a good summer. My vacation was more “stay-cation.” We didn’t do any traveling, but it was nice to take time out to relax and breathe and enjoy the family. Dinner on the deck is the most glamorous thing I did, but it was nice and the hubby and I got to spend time together just enjoying one another. That was probably my favorite part.

  2. Maggie,

    I just happened onto this and I have to tell you how much I empathize with you on the loss of your Pepper Poe. Cats are one of my “loves”, ever since I was a little girl.

    We have an old cat. Dear, sweet Romeo. We got him at the shelter June 2, 2002. A week after we had to have Nestle’ put down because he had cancer. My hubby and I cried all the way home from the vet clinic. I lasted exactly one week without a cat. The house seemed so terribly empty.

    Romeo looks like a blend of bobcat and Maine Coon. He’s medium hair and a beautiful brown marble tabby. And since we adopted him I’ve said countless times that if he were any more laid back he’d be comatose.

    He’s such a cool dude and he is the boss cat in this house. We have 3 sons and Romeo dearly loves our oldest son and the minute he (son) walks in the door, Romeo is all over him. Our son mentioned yesterday that Romeo is sure showing his age. Sends a lump to my throat. I don’t think he’ll last as long as Strongheart who was 16-1/2 yrs when he died.

    My hubby has promised me we’ll go online and look up Siamese Rescue. Siamese are the cats for me. I dearly love their chattiness, their lithe build. They look like Oriental athletes to me.

    But first we have to get through the upcoming ordeal with Romeo. It’s not if he passes, just when. My hubby and that cat are really buddies. Romeo sits on his lap almost every night while we watch TV and neither of them want it any other way. It’s going to be painful to give-up Romeo. He’s been such a good kitty and there will never be another like him. The next one won’t take Romeo’s place but it will help to fill the awful hole that Romeo’s passing will create.


  3. Aww, Frankie. I send my sympathies. We had one that lived 21 years, almost made it to 22. Another one made it to 19. I can’t live without a cat either. Good luck finding a new one. Rescue cats are the type I favor too. Bossy bratty ones are my favorite 🙂

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