Nov 232014

Grocery Shopping List

By Reader Request, here is my shopping list of Every Day Bargains, that I used for many, many years, before we eliminated gluten and dairy from our diet. The list is almost exactly the same as the one I used to offer on my previous website. It has been reformatted, and I did add barbecue sauce to it, because I always wished I had put it in the original. Given my druthers, I would change up the Herbs & Spices section a bit too, but I decided not to mess with it any further.

Download and shop with thrift.

Everyday Bargains Grocery List

If you want the list I current use, which is gluten free and casein free, you can find it HERE.

  2 Responses to “Reader Request: Grocery List”

  1. Woohoo and thank you! The original list was such a blessing and a help to me, and I am thankful you are able to put it up again. I remember I personalized the original to fit our family needs, but the bones of this are so good – I am extremely grateful to you, Maggie!

  2. Aww Joy, thanks. It’s my pleasure. I loved this list and have used it as the base for almost every other list I’ve ever made. Like you said, the bones of it are very good. Happy to help. 🙂

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