Jun 192014

Tall Glass of Lemon Water

Some of you may laugh at this idea. It’s pretty much Simple Living 101. That’s part of the reason I’m sharing it. Some ideas are so simple, so basic, that no one ever mentions them. They are often overlooked while more interesting and compelling ideas eclipse them.  Making your own sparkling, green tea, mango, fusion water is far more glamorous than plain old lemon water. When you get tired of fusion water, I urge you to give this recipe a try.

It’s simple. It tastes good, plus it’s affordable and everyone likes it. Finally, it’s so easy that a child who is old enough to cut with a knife, can make it themselves. Even children who can’t cut, can wait for mom or dad (or a willing sibling) to cut up the fruit for them. Then they can fill the pitcher and add the fruit themselves. Helping to make lunch or dinner is a big deal for most small children and they will feel really good about contributing to a family meal. Your pocketbook will be happy; your waistline will be grateful and the family will be refreshed.

Citrus Refresher


  • 1 gallon water
  • 1 whole, unpeeled, citrus fruit, any type


Fill a pitcher with water.  Slice the citrus fruit of your choice into thin slices or cut it into small chunks.  Place the fruit in the pitcher of water.  Chill.  Serve over tall glasses of ice.  If you prefer to use 2-quart pitchers then half of a citrus fruit will be plenty to give it flavor.

Most people are familiar with this beverage.  It often goes by the name of lemon water, since it is usually prepared with lemons.  I’ve successfully used all kinds of citrus fruits in it and they each have their own charm.  Lime is assertive, grapefruit offers a subtle blend of bitter-sweetness, making it especially refreshing in the heat.  Orange is kid friendly and inexpensive too, but still interesting enough for a discering adult palate.  It’s the type we have most often.  Lemon is the classic and the one most guests will recognize.

When you’ve given up soda pop and Kool-Aid, and aren’t interested in filling up on fruit juice all day long, but water has become a little boring when drunk ten times a day, this is the beverage to turn to.  The beauty of it lies in it’s simplicity.  No sweeteners, artificial flavorings or entertaining bubbles.  It’s just pure water with a hint of flavor, plus it’s easy on both the pocketbook and the waistline.

Makes 8 servings: 2-cups each.

Per serving:  Free Food; 1 to 5 calories per serving.

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