Jun 202014

Lemon Water


This is another one of those recipes that is so simple it’s often overlooked. It’s especially refreshing in the heat of summer, but I drink it all year round. When my children were young they didn’t care for it much, but now that they’re both older they drink it as much as I do. If nothing else, this is a good reminder that the simplest foods are often the best.

Good Old Lemon Water

  • 1/2-cup bottled lemon juice
  • Enough water to make 1 gallon

Measure the lemon juice into a gallon-sized pitcher. Add enough water to fill the pitcher. Mix briefly and chill. Serve icy cold.

This is my family’s favorite beverage. We make it every day, twice a day in the summer. We serve it at family meals and everyone is encouraged to drink it throughout the day. It’s refreshing, a good source of vitamin C and there are no empty calories like those in fruit punch.  To keep up with our consumption, it takes about 1-quart of lemon juice a week. Store-brand quart bottles of lemon juice in my area cost less than $2, making a gallon of lemon water cost about 25¢.

Makes 1-gallon or 8-servings; 2-cups each.

Per 2-cup serving: 3 Calories; trace Fat; trace Protein; 1g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 17mg Sodium.

Exchanges: Free Food.

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  1. I want to thank you for sharing this idea for lemon water. It is so simple, yet I never thought of having a jug of pre-made lemon water in the fridge. Since I started making this a week ago, I am drinking much more water every day. It is much more refreshing than plain water and I don’t have to worry about having fresh lemons on hand. Thanks!

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