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I have put my GFCF food storage section on hiatus. I had a red notebook filled with GFCF food storage recipes that were well tested, family-approved and ready to write up for the website but I have lost the notebook and looked everywhere for it, except wherever it is, because I CANNOT  find it. Grrr! So until it turns up, or until I retest and rewrite the recipes, it will have to wait. I am very frustrated by that. You can still find the GFCF food storage stuff that is already published by clicking on that category in the drop-down menu box on the right of your screen. I could use prayers about finding the missing notebook. I’m worried it was accidentally thrown away. I hope that’s not true, but I don’t know for sure.

Next, I have added a new category called Thin & Thrifty. It’s in the main-menu at the top of your screen. It has weight-loss stuff in it and light recipes. It will grow over time.

I am not sharing my food-plans on the blog currently, because I haven’t had time. I am still keeping track on my own, but simply haven’t had the time to share them. I don’t know if y’all are even very interested in them, so let me know if you are. Otherwise, they are time consuming and if no one is really interested then I won’t bother.

Meanwhile, I am still in my weight loss plateau which is also frustrating, but it’s part of the process with weight loss. Sometimes you try your best and you still plateau because (I assume) my body is changing shape and rearranging things. I am exercising regularly and sticking to my plan as best I’m able. Not perfectly, but pretty closely. I plan to continue on this way with faith that God is doing things that I don’t need to understand. I am finding it ridiculously easy to avoid egg yolks which I thought would never happen. But God is big and I trust him to lead me along the path he wants me to be on.

That is all. 🙂


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  1. Miss Maggie,
    It is great to see you back online. I have been following you since you had hillbilly housewife. I loved that sight so much that I printed most of those pages off and made a cookbook. My children love that cookbook. I have gone gluten free and would love to see a weekly menu like you had on the old website. Maybe it is here, but did not see it. May God bless you. Mendy

    • Hey Mendy, I thought I replied to you, but I don’t see my reply here so maybe I didn’t? Anyway, I’m so glad you found some useful information. That’s why I do this. 🙂

      About the weekly menu, do you mean an Emergency Style menu, that’s as cheap as possible, or a still economical, but more moderately priced everyday-type-menu? What type of price range would be appropriate and for how many people? Would a menu for only 2-people more useful than one for 4 or 6?

      I assume you mean one that includes menus, shopping list, and work list about what to do the night before etc.? Get back to me on this if you can. Or anyone else can chime in. Thanks 🙂

      • Well, you probably do not want to make a menu for my family. :o). We have 10. But yes, we thoroughly enjoy emergency type menu. We have plenty and just use it for the planning and recipes. I also am trying to loose some extra pounds, but will say that it is hard with cooking for a large family. Thank you so much for all you do. Mendy

        P.S. There was a link to a website on your old web sight for sewing patterns. They were basic and geared for larger women. Do you happen to remember any of those?

  2. I aree with Mendy. But time is a good servant but a very harsh master.

    • Hi Frankie, your point is all too true 😉

      Do you think a menu for 2-people or for 4 or 6 people would be more useful? What type of price range do you think would be appropriate? Let me know.

      • Hi, Miss Maggie,

        In re-reading some of these posts, I will always prefer the more servings a recipe will provide from one cooking session, the better. Hubby doesn’t mind left-overs and neither do I, and if we’re tired of something then it goes into the freezer to be enjoyed later. Having prepared meals in the freezer is almost as good as extra money in the bank at the end of the month.


        • Excellent point Frankie. My husband and I have no problem eating leftovers. My oldest son (the one with Autism) doesn’t eat leftovers very often. He just can’t eat them. Reheat or fried rice he’ll eat. Made over potatoes he’ll eat. But leftovers, he just has trouble with. I would spend a lot less time cooking if I could get him to eat leftovers. Heaven’s that’s what my dearest fantasies are made of, lol.

  3. Your posting of you daily food plan helps me, but if it is time consuming don’t worry about it. After reading your updates I decided to get busy and loose some of my weight too. I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Not fantastic, but at least a step in the right direction. I doubt I would have done it if I hadn’t been reading your posts. I too have been following you since you had Hillbilly Housewife. I have also used your Old Fashioned Education over the 8 years that I have been homeschooling. I haven’t used it exclusively, but quite a bit. Thanks for all you do.

    • Woo Hoo Michelle! That is amazing! 5-pounds in 2-weeks is HUGE! I’ll see about posting some of my food-plans. If they are helping others then it’s worth it 🙂 Good luck on your efforts. Remember to keep trying. Even when it seems like nothing’s happening, it’s still worth it.

  4. Hi Maggie! I am another old timer who has followed you since the HH days and I also made a cookbook out of your entire website. I love what you do! After being diagnosed with diabetes I lost 60 pounds and am now a “skinny mini” again like in my school days. I have been thinking seriously about going GF but I really need direction as to menus and shopping lists and such. I also have an autistic son so maybe it would help him. Thank you for all your hard work! I loved your listing of what you eat.

    • Thanks Merilee, I”m glad it’s helping someone. I’m looking into the menu ideas. I have to simmer the idea in the back of my mind for a little while to see what bubbles to the surface 😉 Good for you, for your weight loss. I know that physically I feel so much better these days, and even with all the benefits of losing weight, I think simply feeling so much better is my favorite.

  5. I also made a binder out of original HH recipes! We later spent a year working in a 3rd world country and those recipes were very encouraging during that time. Even more fortifying was the positive, loving, and no-nonsense “you do what you must do” spirit of those recipes and ideas. I can’t tell you how much courage I learned from you, Miss Maggie. Thank you, ma’am!

    • Aww thanks Joy. That encourages me too. It’s easy to get discouraged when you live with a modest budget and knowing that my ideas have helped others reminds me why I keep doing it. I need the encouragement too. And you and all the other readers give it to me in abundance. 🙂

  6. Miss Maggie…

    I’m so sorry about your losing the red notebook. I know so well whereof you speak. I suppose you could say I feel empathy for you and not sympathy. I go through this day in and day out, so “I know your pain”.

    I, too, have been with you since HH and when I read that you were selling the site, it almost made me burst into tears, but FA is even better if that’s possible.

    I just made up a BIG batch of GLAD flour. It makes me feel so 🙂 “secure” to know it’s safely in the ‘fridge and I’m ready to roll on bake day. I’m a type 1 diabetic for over 43 yrs and my blood sugar is all over the map, so I have to keep a very close eyes on the nutritional info on everything. Needless to say I make a lot of my own eats from scratch. And I make a lot of mixes. Years ago when my daughter-in-law started cooking I gave her a small booklet called “Missouri Mix” (home made biscuit mix) and about 7 or 8 years ago my son came down with that old booklet, which was in tatters, and asked if I could replace it. I had some extra copies I’d held onto for years and sent him home with a brand “new”. D-I-L was delighted.

    Your biscuit mix from Glad flour makes the “best” pancakes according to my husband. He loves them and asks me to make them for him every Saturday morning. The insides are tender but there’s just a bit of crispiness around the edge. He thinks they’re so good he wants nothing on them. Just eats them out of hand saying, “Um-m-m! These are the best ever pancakes ever!”

    And your Seasoned Potatoes Chunks are another BIG winner. I make them in the microwave and they crisp great. I’ve shared the recipe with so many ladies from church and not a bad report among any.

    The saleratus (sp?) cornbread is the best I’ve ever tasted. My mother’s family came from Alabama so I
    suppose I’m somewhat of a cornbread “snob”. Hate cornbread with any sweetening. It must have baking soda and buttermilk in the recipe because I believe that makes the most tender crumb. And using all corn meal gives some body. Yes, I too, heat the pan first. Hubby thinks it the greatest cornbread ever.
    All crusty on the outside and tender and corny inside. Sometimes I think we eat beans so often just to have cornbread. But we do love almost all kinds of legumes.

    A lady at church was complaining about how rarely she and her hubby ate beans even though they really liked them, but the beans took so long to cook. I gave her a booklet that tells how to “quick soak” them. She went home and made them and the next sunday she told me how much they loved the beans. She said she made a huge batch and froze the balance in small portions so they could enjoy them later. I tried to do that but hubby just wanted to keep eating until they were gone. Took several nights but he was happy.

    I’m very excited about your red notebook’s contents. I’m asking the Lord to lead you straight to it and literally put it in your hands. Hubby and I have misplaced so many things and looked and looked for the item and found it practically in plain sight. Almost always after we have bought a replacement. Right now I
    can’t find my remote floppy player and I KNOW it has to be here in my sewing room. Oh well, that too shall pass.

    Have a blessed and joyful Christmas and I pray the New Year will bring you closer to our awesome Lord than ever before.



  7. Hey Frankie, what a lovely testimony. I plan to upload the GLAD flour recipes early next year. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my recipes over the years. It’s very encouraging to me. I still haven’t found my red notebook, but I have found a few of my chicken-scratch scraps of paper that my original testing was used on. I”ve been able to retest a few of them and upload them, and I have a few more that I can hopefully upload after retesting. I’m normally quite careful with my notebooks and I’m wondering if this one was accidentally tossed out with a pile of old magazines we took to recycling a few months back. I’ve been coming to terms with the idea that it may be gone for good. I have been collecting all of the scraps of ideas that I had for them and will be able to reproduce most of them, at least the ones that were worth keeping. I try to content myself with the knowledge that even this setback allows me to better serve God, although how it could possible be, have no early idea. I don’t have to know though, I just have to have faith that it does. Hope your Christmas and holidays are warm and full of love.

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