Oct 062015


Feast & Famine

Hi and thanks for all the prayers so many of you offered for my grandmother’s good health. She broke her hip a couple of weeks ago, and had to have a partial hip replacement. On the operating table her heart stopped beating and she stopped breathing. It lasted for between 60 and 90 seconds. While the surgeon was able to complete the operation she was not expected to live. My granny is an absolute miracle though, and she defied everyone to not only live, but in fact is expected to have a complete recovery and walk again. I know that your prayers contributed to her current good health. I cannot thank you enough.

So that was a pretty scary couple of weeks but my world is getting back to normal again now. I hope to update the blog at least a couple of times a week and if I’m inspired then there will be some days with several updates.

On the blog front, I decided to combine my 2 food storage sections to a single section titled Feast & Famine. It contains both gluten free, dairy free recipes and those containing more conventional ingredients. I have lots of food storage recipes in my personal archives that I hope to upload.

I am still working on an article about the best buys for protein that include meat, but it will be a few weeks before I complete it. I was working on it when I found out about my gran, so I’m a little tender hearted about writing on it at the moment. Give me time to get my head together and I will make more progress.

I also wanted to offer a big fat welcome to all of the new readers. I do so appreciate your comments and questions. For all of my readers, I want you to know that you guys are why I write. All of my stuff would just be stuck on my computer and in my notebooks if it weren’t for you guys. So I want to say how much I value everyone’s input.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a fruitful autumn, filled with gratitude. I know I am.

♥ Maggie

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  1. I am so glad your Granny is recovering. A broken hip takes a long time to heal and rehabilitate and changes the person and I will continue to pray for her and that she can get strong and have a good life. I love you blog and all of your recipes.

    • Oh thank you Patricia. The best thing any of us can do is pray. Thank you for taking the time to include her in your prayers. Her recovery is already amazing and I have faith that it will continue to be. Hugs & Blessings 🙂

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