Oct 022012
Here is my new video. I’ve taken pictures of the Springfield Girls modeling ensembles made from mixing and matching Springfield Collection doll clothing. I had a lot of fun shooting this series because I got to play dolly dress-up for 2 days straight. Most of the outfit are good for Fall, but a few are more appropriate for late-summer. Where I live, in the South, it’s still warm enough to get away with these warm-weather ensembles.

While you’re gearing up for fall you might want to check out these fun activities from the Springfield Style Club. They have several activities perfect for the Fall Fashion Scene:
I hope the Style Club gets some fun new activities for Halloween or Harvest Festivals and Thanksgiving.

  5 Responses to “You Tube Tuesday: Fall Fashions”

  1. I love fall…new back to school clothes, Halloween, Thanksgiving….yeah! I hope the SF Style Club comes out w/ something cool for Halloween!

    • I’m hoping so too, and if they don’t do Halloween, then at least Thanksgiving. Halloween is controversial in some circles and I can understand if they want to avoid the controversy. I’m pretty conservative myself, but I do enjoy the dressing-up in costumes. I really enjoy that, always have.

  2. That was fun! You got skills Miss Maggie!

  3. What an inspiring video! It really makes me want to get my hands on some new fashions and try my hand at mixing as well!

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