Sep 192014
Rose Ellen from Across the Fruited Plain

Across the Fruited Plain by Florence Crannell Means

 Across the Fruited Plain
by Florence Crannell Means

NOTE: This is a very sweet book that I liked so much, I formatted it myself and added a few appropriate illustrations. If you prefer to read the Gutenberg version CLICK HERE.
The story of a middle-class Christian family who became migrant laborers in order to make a living during the Great Depression.


Ten-year-old Rose-Ellen Beecham lives with her father, grandparents, two brothers and baby sister during the Great Depression. Her mother has recently passed away and her Grandparent’s house is being “sold for taxes”. Since losing his job as a photographer, Daddy has been unable to find work. To top it all off, a lady from the “Family Society” has suggested the youngsters be placed in a children’s home where they will receive better food and medical care.

The Beecham’s are determined to stay together. When a neighbor suggests the family travel to Cleveland and pick cranberries as migrant laborers, they feel it’s their only choice.

Like many families during the Depression the Beecham’s travel all over the country looking for work. They find themselves living in tents, shacks and even a chicken coop! The work is hard, but with a strong faith in God, Rose-Ellen and her family make the best of it. Will the family ever be able to settle down again and find a new home of their own? Download Across the Fruited Plain and find out.

  2 Responses to “Across The Fruited Plane”

  1. Thank you! I downloaded a copy and plan on reading it with my children.

  2. Great Nikky, this is one of my favorite freebie books. I got so much out of reading it. I wish there was a series of books like this. I would read every single one of them.

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