Sep 042014

Molly Brown

Written by Nell Speed

Setting 1912-1921 (Late Edwardian)

Nell Speed wrote the first 4 books and they are very good. Her sister, Emma Speed Sampson, wrote the remaining 4 under Nell’s name, and they are not as good. The first four are one of my all time favorite reads. In my imagination, when I am an Edwardian Heroine, I am Molly Brown, or at least I live in her world.

1. Molly Brown’s Freshman Days 1912

2. Molly Brown’s Sophomore Days 1912

3. Molly Brown’s Junior Days 1912

4. Molly Brown’s Senior Days 1913

5. Molly Brown’s Post-Graduate Days 1914

6. Molly Brown’s Orchard Home 1915

7. Molly Brown of Kentucky 1917

8. Molly Brown’s College Friends 1921

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