Sep 282012
Stacy was from the early 2000’s

You may know her as Olivia, but before that she was Stacy, and before that she was Katie. Back in the early 2000’s, way before the Springfield Style Club, the dolls each had a profile available on the Springfield Dolls website. I remember the first time I found the profiles, I wondered if anyone else was going ga-ga for them the way I was. I felt like I had discovered the wheel and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. Now Springfield Collection fans have an abundance of fun things to do online at the SF website and Style Club. Back then however, just reading about a favorite doll and seeing pictures of her in SF fashions was a real treat.

For nostalgic purposes, I plan to share all the girls’ old profiles over the next few weeks. The first is . . .


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Eyes color: Green
Favorite color: Pink
Family:Older sister that left for College.
Pets:2 stray dogs that her father found named Ruby and Bandit.
Best Day: When the team won the football championship, the whole cheerleading team and football team organized a party. Stacy got to dance with Scott!
Favorite Activities: Being a cheerleader at school for the football and basketball teams. Watching television on the weekend. Visiting her sister in Chicago at college because they always do fun stuff together like going to the amusement park!
Pet Peeves: Eating Lima beans, and being alone in the dark.
Dream:Going to college like her big sister.
Best Friends: Amanda, Madison, Niya, Lindsey, Gina
Favorite Outfits:
     Sporty:her new blue cheerleader outfit
     Hanging Out: Green Herringbone, brown corduroys, brown Mary Jane and purple sunglasses

* * *

Compare this old profile with Olivia’s current profile. You might be surprised to see a few similarities.

  4 Responses to “Flashback Friday: Stacy’s Lost Profile”

  1. Even though I change the names of my girls, (in my world her name is Raychel), I really like that Springfield came up w/ such creative backstories for the girls. I think the old ones are better than they are now. And I LOVE that outfit. I wish they would re-release it.

    • I really liked the collection of clothing they had during this era, but was never able to buy much of it. My boys were small and their needs always came first. I keep hoping some of the outfits will turn up on ebay, but alas, so far I’ve seen nothing. I do have the shoes from this outfit though, and they’re a real keeper. Very easy to put on and off and they’re platform, so that’s an extra fashion touch.

  2. I really love the outfit too. I like the old profile, it really seems to suit her.

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