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When I started sewing for dolls I didn’t even understand that things like patterns existed. After a few years of muddling about on my own I discovered that library books had patterns and that these patterns could be used to make doll clothes, usually much fancier than the items I had managed on my own. When I started using patterns I found a whole new world of fashion for my dolls. I could hardly fathom the avenues of discovery opening before me. After a couple of years of learning to follow patterns I realized that if I could find a pattern for a specific type of garment, I could make that garment for my doll. It was like inventing the wheel and the light bulb, all in one afternoon with my sewing basket.

My earliest avenues in sewing were accomplished with a needle and thread. I spent an entire decade learning all about how to use that needle and thread to make all kinds of doll clothes. It was slow going, but extremely accurate and it gave me a clear understanding of clothing construction. Learning to sew doll clothes was the best primer possible for learning to sew people clothes.

Since patterns were such an eyeopener for me I am eager to share them with others. Below you’ll find a selection of free patterns that are available online.

American Girl Playthings offers all PDF versions for the original Pleasant Company historical patterns for Addy, Samantha, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten and Molly. They are found on the Doll Dress Pattern Page.  I’ve made several of these and they seem to fit Springfield Dolls very well.

InfiniteFreedom.com provides a very nice dropped waist dress pattern in American Girl size on their Free Pattern & Sewing Challenges page. I’ve made this pattern several times. It goes together quickly and fits Springfield dolls nicely.


Sewing.org has lots of free patterns. On their Dolls & Toys page they offer 3 free PDF patterns to fit American Girl dolls, including fancy collars, a bib collar and a gorgeous Spring Dress. A good pattern for basic panties is included in the Spring Dress pattern set.

Stitch N Stuff provides a basic, easy doll shoe sized for 18-inch dolls.

Trillium Design has a doll T-shirt tutorial including a T-Shirt pattern. This is made from knit fabric. Good way to upcycle t-shirts your kids have outgrown.

New Green Mama provides it’s own T-shirt tutorial and another T-shirt pattern. This is also made from knit fabric. This pattern does not have separate sleeves so it might be easier for beginners.

Liberty Jane patterns provides a free pattern for a Drawstring Dress. I haven’t made any LJ patterns yet myself, but I hear rave reviews of them. They have other free patterns too including a t-shirt, polo shirt and swimsuit. They also offer free patterns for other 18-inch dolls including Carpatina and BFC Ink.


Sew Like My Mom has a free pattern for the sweetest, prettiest summer dress. She calls it the Katie Dress in honor of her niece. This dress has a sleeveless bodice, pleated skirt and for a designer touch an underlay of either rick-rack or piping. It closes in the back with a zipper. Melissa is a talented seamstress with a great imagination!

Carpatina provides a pattern for this cute Summer Dress. it’s sized for Slender Body Carpatina or Magic Attic dolls, but they provide instructions for enlarging it for chubby Springfield Dolls or AG dolls.

YouCanMakeThis.com has several free downloads for 18-inch dolls. Most of them are based on the Twirls for Girls pattern. You must sign up to gain access to the downloads, but there’s little trouble in that. The patterns are very well made and the instructions are a delight to behold. There are also Halloween and Christmas variations available for free download. These skirts would be a great way to use up scraps of fabric.


Piecelove.net (don’t you just love that name, I want to turn that name into a cuddly blanket and crawl under it during a snow storm) Has an adorable dress that I call a Tulip dress because the skirt of the dress looks like upside down tulip petals to me. This is a great pattern for using up small scraps of fabric, of which I have an ever growing, overflowing box full. The instructions are as beautiful as the dress. Shannon is terribly talented and kind enough to share her projects with the rest of us.

Oliverands.com provides a free pattern for both a doll dress and a matching girls dress. The doll dress is on the last page of the pattern and teaches you how to make your own bias binding. This is a very  handy skill to learn. As you can see in the picture above, Oliver + S has paired their summer dress with a cute pair of Springfield Collection clogs.
Miss Maggie’s Free 18″ Doll Clothes Patterns can be found here. I have several free patterns for doll clothes and doll dresses, most in PDF format so they’re printable. 
When I was learning how to sew I desperately needed patterns. I hope you enjoy this collection of doll clothes as much as I’ve enjoyed compiling it. I know there are some that I’ve missed, but I couldn’t find them this time around. If you know of any other free patterns please share them in the comment section. Thank-you!

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  1. Thanks for posting all these links!

    There are free downloadable McCalls and Simplicity patterns for the 1970’s Crissy doll on Crissyandbeth.com. Most of them will not fit the slightly taller, somewhat chubbier Springfields and American Girls, but they’re a good source of ideas anyway, especially if you want groovy ’70’s clothes. Some Cabbage Patch Kids patterns can also work.

    Did you include the from-underwear patterns at Old Days Old Ways? http://olddaysoldways.blogspot.ca/2009/10/dollar-doll-clothes-from-underwear.html . They also have a doll cape made from a Santa hat http://olddaysoldways.blogspot.ca/2009/12/doll-cape-from-santa-hat.html, and some other cool stuff.

    Not free, but Bunkhouse Books (publisher of Stitches & Pins etc.) sells 18-inch versions of their sewing patterns, both individually and in collections. http://www.bunkhousesewing.com/ .

    And don’t forget knitting and crocheting options (many free patterns online)…especially if you don’t have a serger or don’t like sewing with knits, sometimes it’s just faster and easier to crochet a bathing suit, etc., rather than mess with Lycra. It’s also a good way to add shoes, skates, and boots to the wardrobe.

  2. Oh, thank-you Mama Squirrel. I had no idea about the clothes from Old Days Old Ways. They have some really clever ideas. One day I’ll do a list of kitting and crocheting ideas. I don’t knit adn my crocheting is nothing to write home about, so I admit to overlooking these options. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  3. I wonder if you may be willing to look at our collections at allthingswithpurpose.com. We currently have thirteen free American Girl Doll Patterns, and are always adding more!

  4. Infinite Freedom no longer has a free pattern on their Patterns page. Wanted you to know…

  5. searching for 18″ dress/top pattern to match Macall’s pattern 6314. Help anyone. It requires some shirring on top.

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