Sep 222012

I’m a long time fan of Springfield Dolls. They’ve been around since about 1996 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). They started off as a craft doll that had the arms, legs and head attached to a fabric body. The body had to be stuffed and then stitched up before it could be played with. After a few years the dolls were sold already stuffed, but wore no clothing. They were purchased naked. Eventually the dolls were each given a short, cute, sleeveless dress which they now wear when purchased. This gives them a lot more play value because they can be played with immediately, instead of having to wait for clothes to be sewn or purchased.

To learn more about the current line of Springfield dolls you can visit their official website. Their Meet The Girls page is a good way to get to know the dolls better.

If you ever find yourself with some extra time on your hands you might want to browse the Springfield Style Club.

This is a fun place where you can play with virtual Springfield dolls and print out activities like puzzles, pictures and crafty ideas. The virtual dolls allow you to play dress-up with the doll of your choice, choosing from all of the fashionable outfits available for the dolls from craft stores and their online store. The more you play, the more secret items you can unlock. These secret items can be used for dress-up or you can buy them at the Springfield Collection store. I’ve unlocked a few of them and they are really cute!

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  1. The blog is back! *Happy Dance* Yippee! The girls and I are happy your girls and you are back in the groove! Woo-Hoo!

  2. Thanks Sharry & Julie. I’m happy to be here. I missed you guys!

  3. Your back!!! *Jumps up and down* Awesome!

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