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I took the week off to do my yearly birthday thing where I figure out Where I am, Where I’ve been and Where I want to go. Taking stock, setting goals. All that fun stuff. So anyway, I weighed myself after my week-of-birthday-introspection, and it turns out I’m 186 lbs. So, grand total of 54-pounds lost and 11 pounds to my next goal weight of 175.

When I started my journey, a year ago, I was morbidly obese according to my Body Mas Index (BMI). I am now simply obese (no longer morbidly so) and in 11 pounds I will be merely overweight. I am so looking forward to simply being mildly overweight instead of morbidly obese!

Will be posting regularly again shortly.

Woo Hoo! 54-pounds lost in a year. I can hardly believe it!

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  1. Congrats! I am down my first 20lbs and have similar numbers as you do. Can’t wait to hit my next big goal of 210… then 190… 😉 it is doable… one step at a time.

    • Thanks C Swen, Felicitations on your weight loss. It’s not easy, but it’s not the hardest thing I’ve ever done either. Like you say, one step at a time. Keep me updated on your progress. I’d love to hear more about it.

  2. Ms. Maggie, God has been encouraging, inspiriting, and blessing me through you since the original HHW. At one point I had printed out nearly the entire HHW website because I was moving to a country with an unstable infrastructure and I knew I would be wanting to read the insight you had been teaching me! Thank you for following God with your whole heart.

    • Aww, Joy, what a lovely comment. I’m delighted that I was able to help you along the way. All of it comes from God. I’d love to take credit for it, at least my ego would love for me to. But can honestly say that all of this comes from God. He is so good and has given me so much over the years. It has been my pleasure to share what He has taught me with other women. Without His grace I never would have learned any of it, so sharing it with others is my way of thanking Him for allowing me to learn these things in the first place. Blessings 🙂

  3. What kind of diet have you been on? I need to
    lose weight desperately, I 250lbs and am starting to have health problems?? Help Miss Maggie! please !

    • Hi Tammy, I can totally relate. So. Totally. And Completely. Relate.

      I’m working on a (free) eBook that details my weight loss plan. It’s nothing revolutionary, just fewer calories and more exercise. For me what really got me in the mind space to stick to a diet is attending 12-step meetings. I’ve used both Overeater’s Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery, a Christian 12-step group. They are both free and very helpful. I’m an emotional eater and I had some emotional hurdles to cross before I was able to stick to a food plan. I don’t follow my plan perfectly, but I keep trying, every single day, to do the best I can for that day. The horse throws me regularly, but I get back on it every time and ride it until it throws me again. Then I dust myself off, climb back on and keep riding. Stick-to-it-tiveness really goes a long way towards reaching weight loss goals.

      Right now I’ve been on the diet (live-it? I don’t know) for a year and I’m down 55-pounds. It’s not fast, and it’s not glamorous. But if you told me last year at this time that I would be this size, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s been a lot less work than I thought it would be too. I eat regular food, somewhat smaller portions (but not tiny), I start when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I deliberately eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. I use less fat when I cook and use fewer egg yolks in cooking, although that is probably one of the hardest parts for me, using fewer egg yolks. It’s just the same stuff nutritionists have been telling us for ages. And it turns out that eating less and moving more really works. Imagine that. I am still surprised by that little fact.

      Good luck Tammy. Keep me updated on your progress. Good or bad, I’m interested. 🙂

  4. Maggie, where and how do I get in touch with Celebrate Recovery? I attended OA for a little over a year and was under control in the eating area and lost some weight, but I don’t know what happened, but I fell off the wagon, and have regained that amount and then some. If memory serves me right the reason I left OA was because their actions and ideas bordered on the occult. Before I was gloriously saved, I had been involved in casting astrological charts and interpreting them for people and reading tarot cards. And that really gave me “goose flesh”. and I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was telling me to run.

    Any ideas as to how to find a group. I’ve never heard of that group but it sounds like something I should at least investigate.



    • Hi Frankie, you can find it at I enjoy OA, but if the Lord is telling you it’s not right for you, then the best I know to do is say “Yes Sir.”

      Different meetings have different “flavors” to them. I have a great group of OA ladies, who are 90% to 95% Christian, so we have a shared experience in that and it makes it easier to relate to one another. I come from a Wiccan/Pagan background too, so I can relate to what you are saying. Some meetings are more “New Age” than others. As with anything else, I take what I like and leave the rest. If you ever feel like God is urging you to give OA another try I think it’s worth it. The atmosphere of each meeting changes over time. It’s like with anything else for me. I can do it “as unto the Lord.” and even if other people have different motivating factors, I can still work the program for Christ. Good luck with your endeavors. It is so hard to get one’s relationship with food worked out so that we eat to live instead of living to eat. I pray for your relief and long term success. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for your heads up on the Celebrate Recovery info.

        I came from a staunch Roman Catholic background. I was very devout until I was about 24, and then I became really disenchanted with all the “bells and smells” and praying to saints. I became involved with the occult when I read a book about astrology and it fascinated me, and one of the practicing astrologers listed in the book lived just a few blocks from me (in St. Louis). I contacted her and we met and hit it off immediately. Long story short…a few years later I moved back home and began dating a prodigal Christian man and we ended up getting married. His grandmother was the sweetest Christian lady I’ve ever met. I know she must have gone to the Lord right after we met and told Him that she had prayed for all of the future mates of her grandchildren, and a chain-smoking bleached blonde, involved in astrology and tarot wasn’t exactly what she had in mind all those years of prayers. But I know that she kept on keeping on with the prayers for me.

        On April 7 or 8, 1980, I was sitting in my car on the company parking lot and eating my lunch and reading Hal Lindsey’s “Satan Is Alive on Planet Earth” and it suddenly became as clear as crystal to me. He was leading to Christ a woman who had an occult background and I prayed along with her, so to speak. I remember I kept thinking, “If I don’t do this now, I may not have another chance.”

        In a short period of time, people at work began to ask me what had happened to me because I wasn’t the same person I had been a few months before. My reply was, “I was saved!” “Saved from what?” “Hell! And so can you. Let me know when we can talk and I’ll lay it all out for you.” I never did get any takers. Too bad. Their loss.

        I did owe a debt to the Catholic church, though. I never doubted there was a God, and that Christ was His Son, and the Holy Spirit was the third Person of the Godhead. I was taught, however, that one could only go to heaven if one were very faithful to the Church and worked and did everything you were taught by the Church, maybe, just maybe, you MIGHT make it to heaven, but you wouldn’t know for sure until after you died, and then you would spend a long time in Purgatory. I knew Christ then in an abstract manner, but after April 8, 1980, I knew Him in an absolute way.

        This is my story and I’m stickin’ to it!


        • I think God draws us to himself using a method lovingly customized for each individual. I can remember praying to all the gods and goddesses I knew, including those I’d learned about growing up with Pagan and Wiccan roots. Then, after praying, I waited to see who would answer. God & Jesus were the one ones who answered my prayers, so as a practical minded woman, I said to myself, They’re the ones who are listening, so they are the ones I will pray to. I’ve never been disappointed with my choice.

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