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I have prepared these kabobs on an outdoor grill and in the oven, under the broiler setting. They taste good either way. This recipe only makes 3-servings. If you need to serve more people, it is easily doubled. If you do double the recipe then use a large can of pineapple and serve any extra in a tropical fruit salad.

If you prefer to use Turkey SPAM, it’s tasty in this recipe too.


SPAM Kabobs


  • 12 ounce can SPAM
  • 8 ounce can pineapple chunks
  • 7 or 8 ounce jar whole button mushrooms
  • 12 or 16-ounce jar roasted red peppers
  • 6 bamboo skewers, soaked in water for at least 30 minutes
  • Vegetable oil, optional
  • Honey Mustard, optional


Open the luncheon meat and drain off any juices. Cut the meat into 4 thick rectangles and then cut each rectangle into 6 squares (in half long-ways and then in thirds short-ways).

Open and drain the pineapple. Save the juice for basting if you like or drink it straight from the can. Count the pineapple chunks. You want 18 of them.

Open and drain the mushrooms. Count the mushrooms. You want 18 of them.

Open the red peppers and drain off the juice. Lay the peppers on your cutting board. Cut them into 18 roughly even sized pieces. You may have leftovers. Chop them up and add to your potato salad or to a hot green vegetable to make it pretty.

Build the kabobs. Thread a chunk of meat first, then a mushroom, then a red pepper piece, then a pineapple chunk. Continue until you’ve used 3-meat chunks, 3-mushrooms, 3-red pepper pieces and 3-pineapple chunks. Finally top with a 4th meat chunk. Set the skewer aside and build the next one. Continue until all the skewers are built.

Grill the kabobs over medium-hot coals, turning as necessary, until evenly browned. If desired the kabobs can be brushed with oil or honey mustard or pineapple juice while grilling. We prefer ours brushed with oil because it makes the mushrooms especially good. Continue until the kabobs are nicely browned with a few charred spots. Serve hot with honey mustard.

If you prefer to broil the kabobs then arrange them on a cookie sheet on the top rack of your oven. Broil for about 5-minutes per side, watching them carefully. Turn the kabobs over and broil again until nicely browned with a few charred spots. You may need more or less time in the broiler, depending on how moist your vegetables are and how hot your broiler is. Brush with vegetable oil before broiling if desired.

Makes 6 kabobs or 3-servings, 2 kabobs each.

To make a meal add a fruit salad, hot rice and pudding for dessert.


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