Rock Bottom Broke




Most of these recipes and menus are intended to serve 2 or 3 people.

This Section is still a work in progress. Please be patient while I fill it up.

Tips & Tricks




Breakfast (also see breads, above)

Desserts & Sweets

Dried Beans, Peas & Lentils


Homemade Mixes


Oats & Oatmeal

Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Starches





Note From Maggie

This section is not gluten free or casein free. Hard Times is. Healthy food is not the highest priority. Cheap, filling food is. These recipes make free use of both white all-purpose flour and dairy milk. Certain products with hydrogenated fats, trans fats, artificial flavors and colors, nitrates and high fructose corn syrup are used and recommended, without shame or apology. If you have enough cash to afford a healtier diet, then please visit the rest of the website. It is full of nutritious, health-giving recipes that are all budget-friendly. This section is designed to use the absolute cheapest foods at the market. Many of them are extremely healthy. Some are not. Sometimes we’re so poor that we’re willing to bargain our long term health against the short term necessity of filling our bellies. I’ve been there, and I suspect that if you’re reading this, you’ve been there too. It may not be pleasant or pretty, but sometimes it is reality. If this reality makes you uncomfortable, please contact your congress person, not me. I cannot change this reality, but I can give tips for navigating it.

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