Oct 122012

Abby used to be named Amanda. Before that, when Springfield Dolls were kits to be stuffed and sewn together, she was named Sarah. She’s always had blond hair and blue eyes, although it was curly for a little while, when she was in kit form. Amanda’s profile is very sweet. I love that she has two cats and hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up. I also find it amusing that she wishes her hair was curly, the way it used to be, back when she was Sarah.  Compare this profile with Abby’s Current Profile. There are  still a few similarities, for one, her favorite color is still blue!

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hair: Straight Blonde (she wishes it was curly!)
Eyes color: Blue

Hometown: Springfield
Favorite color:Blue
Pets: 2 cats named Tabby and Magic
Family:Younger brother that she loves to play games with after school.
Best Day: When her Mom organized her surprise birthday party. All her friends came and got to spend the night! They had pizza, and played games all night!
Favorite Activities:Going shopping with her Mom, watching cartoons, playing with her cats, going to her tennis class with her friend Gina, & going Ice skating with all her best friends.
Pet Peeves:When her bedroom is messy and getting in trouble.
Her dream: To be a veterinarian and save all the animals living in Springfield.
Best Friends: Madison, Lindsey, Gina, Stacy, Niya
Favorite Outfits:
Dressing Up: White dress with flower in her hair, white teardrop shoes.
Hanging Out: Denim jacket, heart top, skirt and tennis shoes.

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