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Dear Little Girl

Written by Amy E. Blanchard, Amy E.

Setting 1900’s to 1910’s (Edwardian and Titanic Era)

This is a sweet, lovely series, filled with wholesome ideals and genuinely entertaining. The main character, Edna, tries to do the right thing and stumbles along the way, only to right herself and choose the better path. There are no big tragedies, only small hiccups. The stories manage to be entertaining without anything too scary for tender hearted girls. Edna is ages 8, 9 and 10 throughout the series. Her best friend is Dorothy, and other friends are named Margaret, Jennie, and Nettie. Wholesome without undue moralizing, it gives us a glimpse of how a little girl lived during the dawn of the 20th century. I recommend it highly, for both children and adults.

There is a tiny bit of racism, as there seems to be in almost all books from this era. It is easily skipped over if you are reading aloud, and to be honest I don’t think a girl of 8 to 10 would notice it without prompting.

1. A Dear Little Girl  1897

2. A Dear Little Girl at School  1910

3. A Dear Little Girl’s Summer Holidays  1911

4.  A Dear Little Girl’s Thanksgiving Holidays  1912

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  1. Many, many years ago, I read a book, “Madeline Takes Command”. Madeline, the heroine is 12 yrs old and lives in a fort with her family in pre-colonial times. There is an Indian uprising in the area and all of the men and many of the older boys are sent out in the militia to supply help to the settlers outside the fort. The militia is ambushed and most of the people are killed, wounded, unable to return to the fort. A scout comes to the fort with the news that there may well be an Indian attack on the fort within a couple of weeks. He then leaves to warn other settlers.

    Madeline hears the news and realizes that no one is planning any type of defense, so she springs into action. She assigns each person a specific task in defending the fort. She then begins a charade to make the fort look as though it’s very well supplied and with many soldiers. Long story short, the Indians are fooled and don’t attack the fort and Madeline’s father returned, and fights his way back to health after his injuries during the attack on the militia by the Indians.

    I cannot remember the author because I read it in middle school and I’m retired now. But if you ever run into the book, grab it because it’s very good, especially for girls who need role models.


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