Aug 142015


Just to let everyone know, I am working hard on the second part of “Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted and How to Fix it.” It will not be ready until Monday or Tuesday. I hoped I could finish it quickly, but it requires more thought than I originally intended. I am also working on an article called “How To Get The Most Nutrition For The Least Cash!” It should be up around the same time as Part 2 of the Poor, Sick, Fat, Exhausted article. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am hard at work and haven’t abandoned anything 🙂

  2 Responses to “Quick Progress Report”

  1. These two articles sound like great blog posts. I look very forward to them. I would enjoy a post on a few days or a week of meals that enabled you to lose your weight. You look wonderful and healthy.

  2. Aww, thanks Pat :-). On my back burner I have some articles and recipes simmering about that very topic. I’m going to finish up the two articles I’m currently working on, and then see what I can do with my Thin & Thrifty section. It’s next on my list of priorities. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for. Thanks for the feedback. It really helps me to know what readers what to see.

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